A “Mini Me” For Any Sign Or Plaque

Wow! “Chuck” (as we have named our CNC Router) has been working overtime with new designs now being offered at Atlas Signs and Plaques. We are really excited to share the new Minis that coordinate with some of the larger “Nature” themed plaques. Customers are ordering these unique designs for their cabins, lake homes, studios, country houses and mountain retreats.

Here is a picture of the Mountain Address Number Sign and the coordinating Please Remove Shoes Mini Plaque. “Please Remove Shoes” could be replaced with “Please Remove Boots” for country living in Montana, Utah, Nevada, Arizona or Iowa.

Snow Capped Mountain Plaques

This cute Bear Cub will make a great addition to your Camp, Cottage, Private Retreat, Getaway, or Country home, reminding guests to remove their shoes or boots.

Bear Cub Sign

Atlas Signs can be customized to say whatever you’d like so check out the ecommerce shop for more ideas on Welcome Signs, Address Signs, Privacy Signs, Memorial Signs, Name Signs and more.

Birds On A Wire Sign

What makes these new Minis stand out is the small cut-out edge. See our Bear Cub, Fish, Birds on a Wire, and others rare and exiting specimens at The Zoo Collection. And of course, they can be made in any metal finish.

Trout Swimming Upstream Plaques

Love This? Go Tell it on a Mountain!