Why LuminOre®

House Sign with Luminore Copper Patina Finish

House Sign with Luminore Copper Patina Finish

With the exception of a few paints used to add a splash of color, our signs and plaques are metal-coated using the patented LuminOre® advanced composite metalizing process.

Janey Freid is the founder and current principle of both Metal Facades and Atlas Signs and Plaques. Janey’s background is decorative faux finishing utilizing paints, glazes, plasters and leafs applied using many European techniques and tools. Janey expanded from faux finishing and enjoyed great success in interior and exterior decorative concrete acid staining and finishing.

Most of Janey’s experience revolved around coatings or altering the look of a common surface into the uncommonly beautiful. A search for metal finishes led to LuminOre. Research showed that LuminOre was not the only manufacturer of liquid metal coating, but all the others were pretenders to the throne and could not come close to measuring up to the standards, experience, testing, longevity, or beauty of LuminOre.

Attending the manufacture’s applicator school in Carlsbad California, Janey learned how to properly prepare a multitude of substrates from foam to fiberglass for coating with LuminOre’s patented cold-spray process. Janey believes that the real magic of LuminOre is that it adheres to almost any surface and allows the benefits of cast or forged metal without the weight, expense, or extensive lead-time. This provides the greatest benefit to the client both in terms of time and expense.

Unlike metal paint, LuminOre is not metal particles suspended in a binder. Although not a chemist, we know from the manufacturer’s specifications that the metal interacts with the binder resulting in a product having the characteristics of cast metal when cured and finished.

“We have applied LuminOre to everything from elevator doors to concrete floors and everything works and looks gorgeous even after years out doors in the harsh Wisconsin winters. In short, LuminOre performs for us and for our customers. We are extremely confident in the process. The company founder, Tom Valente and his staff have always been accessible and very willing to share their knowledge. Order processing and customer service are first-class. We don’t even look at other products!”

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