Door to Door Solicitors, an Unnecessary Evil

no solicitors sign by atlas signs and plaques


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by Joel Habush

Of course, that’s not for everyone. There just might be some people who want perfect (or imperfect) strangers coming, uninvited, to their door. Perhaps they’re lonely—so they wouldn’t put up a warning sign. Solicitors take the absence of such a sign as a welcome mat.

Solicitors wish to take advantage of your natural politeness; and they will use that to start plying their considerable selling skills. Naturally thick skinned, they are prepared for your objections—they won’t take no for an answer. Your “No Solicitors” sign doesn’t even allow them to ask the question.

Remember, solicitors don’t care if they waste your time. What they do care about is wasting their time. If you think about it, you’re actually doing them a favor…as well as yourself. Door-to-door selling is a numbers game; they’ve only got so many hours in a day to wear down people’s sales resistance.

”No Solicitors” tells them to move on down the road—nothing to see here, nobody to sell here. Now, if they’re block headed enough to ring your doorbell anyway, there’s a faint possibility that you might feel so sorry for them that you’ll listen to their pitch, but we highly doubt it. By ignoring the sign, they’ve called forth your righteous and rightful indignation. “No Solicitors” means “No Sale.” In no uncertain terms!

no solicitors sign by atlas signs and plaques


A further thought: For centuries, independent peddlers were the heart’s blood of Commerce. These hardy souls went from house to house, town to town, even country to country, providing everything from clothes to pots & pans; from knives & knife sharpening services to perfumes and lotions; and from cleaning supplies to produce.

But…Time marches on.

Of course that way of doing business was long before the advent of the internet, even before humans discovered shopping malls, in a day when college kids could still sell magazines door to door—before many of the magazines disappeared off the face of the earth.

Nowadays, you can make your purchases when you want, going to your favorite store, shopping on line, or getting information by phone from a company’s customer service representative. In a word—or two words, to be exact—“Easy, peasy.”


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no solicitors sign by atlas signs and plaques

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