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Eagle Scout Final Projects: Helping the Community with Good Deeds

The Eagle Scout final project is the largest project in the entire scouting community. But what do you have to do?


Pewter POW MIA Sign

A Memorial to Those Who Fought For Us


Well, that is really up to the scout. They can do almost anything they get approval for, but one of the projects that we see is a military memorial for a city or park, because the Eagle Scout Final Project cannot specifically help a business or individual.

Our custom signs are a great touch for any memorial, but they’re even better for an Eagle Scout project. Because our signs are lighter than cast metal and only a quarter of the cost, you can spend less time on fundraising and more time on developing the rest of the project. In addition, our signs can be easily mounted on a stake or wall with our selection of mounting styles. On top of the ease for installation, our signs are durable and weather-proof.

If you know any Eagle Scouts who have finished projects using any of our signs, let us know! We love to see our signs doing what we designed them to do. And we support improving local parks and communities.

Remember, all signs from Atlas Signs and Plaques are made from American Materials and Labor.

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Apparently, Hobby Lobby Doesn’t Think Women Should Go Fishing

Is Hobby Lobby Sexist


Maybe Hobby Lobby thinks that women should just clean and cook the fish, then feed her big strong fisherMAN before doing the dishes.

For men fishermen at Hobby LobbyTheir signage seen recently in Madison Wisconsin’s new east side Hobby Lobby Store has this offensive sign excluding women from receiving a fishing motif gift. Funny thing is that there are no signs excluding men in the entire store.

Come on Hobby Lobby, get real. We think fishing is just as gender neutral as voting, driving, knitting, hunting, and playing bridge.

Does Hobby Lobby believe that woman can't fishWhat else does Hobby Lobby think women should not do?

Does Hobby Lobby believe women should not drive?

Does Hobby Lobby Believe There Should be No Woman VotingDoes Hobby Lobby think women can not hunt?

Does Hobby Lobby Think Women Should DriveDoes Hobby Lobby think women should not vote?

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A Beware of Dog Sign is The Best Way to Keep Burglars Away, Says 20/20

Beware of Dog Sign in Arts and Crafts StyleAs seen on the May 5, 2013 airing of ABC’s 20/20

In this episode, a convicted burglar, on parole and allegedly reformed, said in reference to what made a home unattractive to thieves. “Beware of Dog Sign, not going near it”. “An automatic No-No.”

Humorous Beware of Dogs PlaqueWith a home burglary occurring every 15 seconds it seems worthwhile to pay attention to what the 4-time convicted felon, Chris Paterson told ABC’s investigative reporter, Deborah Roberts. Paterson said; “People make it so easy for burglars to victimize them”. He looked for shrubbery that obscured his entry and exit, window air conditioners that could be pushed in, a build-up of newspapers and mail, and even Facebook postings announcing upcoming vacations. Although security systems were a deterrent, he admitted to robbing protected homes with the realization that they are often not armed.

Armed with the knowledge that you really don’t even need the dog, just the sign, you could go down to the local hardware store and get an ugly “beware of dog” sign in black and neon red. But this is going to make your beautiful home seem like a junk yard. The best idea is to visit Atlas Signs and Plaques and choose a Security Sign that will work to keep thieves away while enhancing the look of your home. Since every creation from Atlas is custom, you can even inject a little humor, or get a plaque suited to your specific home style. With personalized signs to fit Arts and Crafts, Modern, Victorian, or Prairie styles, you are certain to get what you really want from Atlas Signs and Plaques.


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Commas: Are Those Little Things Dangling Into the Next Line Causing You to Lose Sleep?

“Who gives a *bleep* about an Oxford Comma?”- Vampire Weekend, Oxford Comma.


Picture of a Comma

The Comma: Know It, Love It

The comma, is a very, very, tricky, punctuation mark, to use, but, what’s even worse is when it’s used improperly such as in the first part of this sentence, it makes things very hard, to read. The preceeding sentence is an example of terrible comma misuse and outright abuse. But the rules for using a comma are quite complicated.

Now, this is partly because of what the comma signifies: a short pause. When we talk, we usually talk in bursts of between three to seven words. So if the comma signifies a short pause, we should sprinkle our writing with them, right? Not quite. Commas actually have a fairly specific usage guidelines and are usually just there to clarify something.

One very common joke is the distinction between “Let’s eat, Grandma,” and “Let’s eat Grandma.” The comma in the first sentence specifies the target of the sentence, effectively saying, “Grandma, let us eat.” However, the second implies that the object of the verb “eat” is Grandma and therefore supports cannibalism and matricide, which isn’t a very good idea (usually). Continue reading

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Is it Right for US Government Owned Cars to Speed

Government owned car speeding down I90 the Illinois Tollway

About 90 MPH

Here is an actual picture from today, March 09, 2012 It is on I90 Illinois Tollway. The license plate is US Government 6037H.

My guess is that it is doing about 90 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. It was weaving in and out of traffic and driving very aggressively! (passed me like I was sitting still)

How many questions can we come up with:

  • Is going 25 MPH over the limit dangerous?
  • Is there a oil crisis? Isn’t gas mileage better at the posted speed limit?
  • Is the driver immune from traffic tickets? Is the fix in with the Illinois State Police? Do the traffic police see other government cars as “one of there own” and ignore the speed?
  • Why is the car pretty new and expensive? Isn’t that a waste of tax dollars?

I for one, would like some answers. It would seem prudent to get a police escort if it was really an emergency.

But hey, lets give him a break! Not everyone has to play by the rules.

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