A Beware of Dog Sign is The Best Way to Keep Burglars Away, Says 20/20

Beware of Dog Sign in Arts and Crafts StyleAs seen on the May 5, 2013 airing of ABC’s 20/20

In this episode, a convicted burglar, on parole and allegedly reformed, said in reference to what made a home unattractive to thieves. “Beware of Dog Sign, not going near it”. “An automatic No-No.”

Humorous Beware of Dogs PlaqueWith a home burglary occurring every 15 seconds it seems worthwhile to pay attention to what the 4-time convicted felon, Chris Paterson told ABC’s investigative reporter, Deborah Roberts. Paterson said; “People make it so easy for burglars to victimize them”. He looked for shrubbery that obscured his entry and exit, window air conditioners that could be pushed in, a build-up of newspapers and mail, and even Facebook postings announcing upcoming vacations. Although security systems were a deterrent, he admitted to robbing protected homes with the realization that they are often not armed.

Armed with the knowledge that you really don’t even need the dog, just the sign, you could go down to the local hardware store and get an ugly “beware of dog” sign in black and neon red. But this is going to make your beautiful home seem like a junk yard. The best idea is to visit Atlas Signs and Plaques and choose a Security Sign that will work to keep thieves away while enhancing the look of your home. Since every creation from Atlas is custom, you can even inject a little humor, or get a plaque suited to your specific home style. With personalized signs to fit Arts and Crafts, Modern, Victorian, or Prairie styles, you are certain to get what you really want from Atlas Signs and Plaques.


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