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How to get free HDU, That’s Right, Free High Densiity Polyurethane Sign Foam

No catches, no tricks, free, you only pay the postage. Alright, here is the straight skinny. These are our scraps.

30 pound, High Density Polyurethane Sign Foam is used as the substrate for the beautiful metal coated signs and plaques created by America’s favorite place for signs, Atlas Signs and Plaques. Although we try to utilize every square inch to avoid waste and inefficiency, there are some pieces that just are not large enough to use. So, in keeping with our environmental policy of reusing, recycling, and reclaiming, we keep our landfill use to a minimum by giving away our Sign Foam cutoffs for free.

Just go to the Supplies and Samples page at Atlas Signs and Plaques. You will see the free products listed. Just click and order. This offer is only good until the scraps are gone. Then we remove the offer until more scrap is generated.

HDU is a wonderful product that has almost replaced wood in the signage industry. It is waterproof and will not warp, split, rot, decompose, or crack. But wait, it gets better. HDU’s lack of grain makes it a dream to hand carve, machine, sand, and rout. Its workability makes it a great material choice for model making and prototyping. It is super material to use with with your CarveWright or CompUCarve machine. Order some today. Good for us, good for you, and good for our environment.

These are scraps and we make no promises as to sizes,  so don’t expect a 4 x 8 sheet, and please don’t ask for specific sizes. The pieces can be glued using a urethane glue such as Gorilla Glue. If you would like larger pieces, we will sell them to you from the same page as the free scraps.

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Expert CNC Custom Sign Routing – 4 Ways to Satisfy Your Customers

3D Without Hand Carving

3D Without Hand Carving

Dead Flat Bottoms, Custom Edge Treatments, 3D, V-Groove or Dimensional – Atlas Signs and Plaques: The Experts at CNC Routing HDU Sign Board

Not all sign shops are fortunate enough to have a CNC Router available. Atlas Signs and Plaques is pleased to provide Custom Router Services to the sign industry.

Achieving a Dead Flat Bottom on a CNC Routed Sign

Dead Flat Bottom on a CNC Routed Sign

When you need a routed dimensional sign that exceeds your current capabilities, or are looking for an alternative to sandblasting, just send us your file and specifications. We will accomplish your routing in a very timely and cost efficient manner, then pack or crate, and ship to you for completion.

Bevel Cut With Dead Flat Bottom

Bevel Cut With Dead Flat Bottom

Our expertise and experience allows us to give you a nearly dead flat bottom with little to no tooling marks, making your finishing process more efficient because you won’t have to do a lot of hand sanding and you will use less paint.

V-Groove, Traditional Dimensional, Custom Edge Treatments, or a combination of different techniques are no problem for us and can add that extra dimension to your work.

We stock 1 inch or 2 inch thick HDU Sign Foam in 18 pound density and can special order other densities to your specifications. Our router is has a full 5 x 10 foot table and allows for up to six inch clearance; giving sign artists the ability to offer clients larger sizes.

CNC Router Cutting V-Groove Letters

CNC Router Cutting V-Groove Letters

Be certain to see the Atlas Signs and Plaques ecommerce site for many examples of our work. You will find other examples of our metal coating capabilities at our parent company, Metal Facades.

We only use materials, tooling and machinery that are Made in the USA.

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