Atlas Signs Delivers the First of Thousands of DIY Plaques and Signs

First DIY Address Plaque delivered by Atlas Signs and Plaques

A milestone has been reached. Atlas Signs and Plaques celebrates the shipment of the first DIY Address Plaque.

Why are the nice folks at Atlas so happy? Think about how proud you were when you could show off the first dollar that you really earned. Maybe you saved it for a while, but took a photo the dead president before you blew the buck on candy and cigarettes. Yep, kinda like that. Firsts should always be celebrated.

Atlas has been creating beautiful metal coated plaques for some time now, but recently decided to answer the call of some creative DIY enthusiasts who wished to have Atlas complete their personalized plaque right up the the finish stage.

As you might imagine, uncoated signs are becoming a real hit with homeowners.  Doing it yourself is easy, saves money, and makes your plaque completely personalized.

In the photo above. From the left is Amber, Happy (helping to hold the plaque steady while sporting a wide grin) Janey, Lou, and Lisa.

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