Is it Right for US Government Owned Cars to Speed

Government owned car speeding down I90 the Illinois Tollway

About 90 MPH

Here is an actual picture from today, March 09, 2012 It is on I90 Illinois Tollway. The license plate is US Government 6037H.

My guess is that it is doing about 90 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. It was weaving in and out of traffic and driving very aggressively! (passed me like I was sitting still)

How many questions can we come up with:

  • Is going 25 MPH over the limit dangerous?
  • Is there a oil crisis? Isn’t gas mileage better at the posted speed limit?
  • Is the driver immune from traffic tickets? Is the fix in with the Illinois State Police? Do the traffic police see other government cars as “one of there own” and ignore the speed?
  • Why is the car pretty new and expensive? Isn’t that a waste of tax dollars?

I for one, would like some answers. It would seem prudent to get a police escort if it was really an emergency.

But hey, lets give him a break! Not everyone has to play by the rules.

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