Another Option for Sign and Plaque Installation: Fence Post Mounts

Diagram of how to measure to mount a sign on a fence

Measure Twice

How do you show the world your new sign?

The answer is to mount it where it will be easily read and understood. Often that means on a fence or a post.

Of all the sign mounting methods offered by Atlas Signs and Plaques, the one that seems the most vexing is mounting to a fence or post. Not that it is difficult, but there are terms used that are just not part of our everyday jargon. Additionally, there is the requirement to measure carefully so that Atlas can install the mounting hardware correctly. So, get out the trusty tape measure and go for it.

How Atlas Signs and Plaque mounts signs to a fence

Easy once the measuring is complete

Now, if you do choose to order the fence mount, we’ll make your sign installation as easy as possible. And as with most things, the more preparation and information you send, the easier it is for all involved parties. Now, depending on the size of the sign, you might be able to mount the sign on one post. If you do that, we need two dimensions from you: the post depth and the post width. Measure these as precisely as possible. If the fence post isn’t square, tell us and we’ll figure something out.

However, for larger signs, you may need two (or more) posts. If you do, we need another measurement on top of the post width and depth. While you’re out at the fence measuring, find the center of the first post. Next, find the center of the second post and then measure that distance. This is called, somewhat uncreatively, the center-to-center distance. We may also ask you for the distance between posts, just for more information.

We’d recommend making a mock-up of your sign and trying different positions for where you want it. Just get a piece of cardboard that’s the same size as your sign and hold it on the fence. If you have a helper, take some pictures and we’ll work with you. If your fence is strange, definitely take some pictures so we know what we’re dealing with. Remember, the more information we have, the easier the entire process is.

Of course, there are other methods of mounting your plaque. Just click on the above photo to go to the Atlas Signs and Plaques, Installation Page for more sign mounting options.

The fence mount requires careful measurements, but with enough information, we can help you make it look great.

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