The Historical Hibiscus, Now On a Plaque

Do you know what Hawaii’s state flower is? Hint: It’s the Hibiscus, and we’ve just added it to a brand-new Historical Plaque. We were just gearing up for the summer when we had a great idea. The train of logic is tangled, but understandable. Nearly Summer-> Thunderstorms->Rain->Green Plants->Hot Weather->Swimming->Islands->Hawaii!

Hawaiian Hibiscus Plaque

Hawaii's State Flower

Okay, maybe it makes less sense to you, but at the time, it was a fantastic train of thought and anyway, you get a great new plaque out of it. We feel that the hibiscus flower at the top brings a touch of elegance and floral decor, while the shape and font keep a serious tone, fitting for a historical or memorial plaque. We used the very popular Eccentric font for this sign because it balances formality, readability, and art. But remember, we can always change something for you with a custom order. Go to the Hibiscus Historic Plaque on the Atlas web site to learn more.



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