Apparently, Hobby Lobby Doesn’t Think Women Should Go Fishing

Is Hobby Lobby Sexist


Maybe Hobby Lobby thinks that women should just clean and cook the fish, then feed her big strong fisherMAN before doing the dishes.

For men fishermen at Hobby LobbyTheir signage seen recently in Madison Wisconsin’s new east side Hobby Lobby Store has this offensive sign excluding women from receiving a fishing motif gift. Funny thing is that there are no signs excluding men in the entire store.

Come on Hobby Lobby, get real. We think fishing is just as gender neutral as voting, driving, knitting, hunting, and playing bridge.

Does Hobby Lobby believe that woman can't fishWhat else does Hobby Lobby think women should not do?

Does Hobby Lobby believe women should not drive?

Does Hobby Lobby Believe There Should be No Woman VotingDoes Hobby Lobby think women can not hunt?

Does Hobby Lobby Think Women Should DriveDoes Hobby Lobby think women should not vote?

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