Art Deco, Alive and Well in New Jersey

Atlas Signs and Plaques Art Deco Project

Verona Condos, Wildwood Crest, NJ


Art Deco Address Numbers

A sign of the times? or of times past? We usually expect to see examples of Art Deco Design dating from the height of the design movement in the 1920s and 1930s. What a pleasant surprise when Atlas Signs and Plaques had a request for  Custom Art Deco Style Address Plaques for a new condo building in New Jersey. The Verona Condos in Wildwood Crest NJ would fit right in with the some of the finest examples of Art Deco Architecture on Miami’s Ocean Drive.

Atlas Signs and Plaques

Empire State Express

Art Deco was a design movement dating predominantly from between World War I and World War II. It followed and was influenced by the more flowery and flowing Art Nouveau Style. However, Art Deco was much more than an evolutionary outgrowth of earlier modern styles, it is more of a celebration of  the machine age, but also has elements of classical design. And while it may seem extravagant and even outrageous at times, much of the world was more than ready to accept and embrace the movement following the human and economic horrors of WWI and its aftermath.  Designers and architects accommodated the demand for all things modern, and worked wonders with projects as diverse buildings, automobiles, trains, public projects (take a good look at Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge) and fashion.

Neither Atlas Signs and Plaques nor Metal Facades are no strangers to Art Deco. In addition to home and business signage, we designed and transformed elevator doors to the Art Deco Style for corporate office building renovation in the small town of Fort Atkinson Wisconsin, proving that the Art Deco influence reached way beyond the accepted hot-spots of New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.


Art Deco Bakelite Radio

Art Deco most often shows geometric and faceted designs elements, but it is not unusual to observe curvaceous and streamlined features that are usually considered  “Streamline Modern Design”. All and all, we find designs from this era to be a little confusing and difficult to define precisely. But it is hard to find a more interesting and elegant style to enjoy. We are most happy to see a new project that makes us smile as Art Deco was intended.

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