A Pirate’s Life Is the Life for Me: Boater’s No Trespassing Sign

Funny Private Dock Marina Sign

Scare the land lubbers away

We don’t support using trespassers as bait, and “keel hauling” seems to be a lost art, but humor works.

Aarrr! Ahoy Mates! Pose we should wait til “Talk like a Pirate Week” in September to show this Pirate Keep Off the Dock Marina Sign, but by then the pillaging season is just about over. Keep dem dirty land lubber bilge rats off your private dock and off your property with Privacy Signs from Atlas Signs and Plaques.

Show your sense of humor and your privacy with this Pirate No Trespassing Sign. The skull and crossbones on the bottom of this sign serve as a warning sign to other pirates that you are not to be messed with.

Sign to Welcome Girl Scouts Selling Cookies

Fact: Boaters Love Girl Scout Cookies

Make sure you put this somewhere prominent so people can have a laugh and know that you just want some space. We know how hard it is to get privacy, especially at a marina where everyone just wants to hang out and talk. That’s why we have a wide selection of funny no trespassing signs and no solicitors signs.

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BTW. This plaque is hand-crafted in Lake Mills, Wisconsin from American Labor and Materials.

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