Bring the Everglades to Your Miami Home with The Alligator Address Plaque

“Es un lagarto!”


Alligator Welcome Plaque

Bring the Everglades Home

When the first Spanish explorers landed in Florida , they were greeted with a toothy smile. They recognized that it was a lizard (un lagarto), but never actually named it. Four hundred years later, we know and love (or are scared witless by) the alligator.

Bring the Florida Everglades to your Miami, Florida, or Southern home with the Alligator Address Plaque! Well, you can bring them anywhere you’d like and our original target is more Southern, but it’s your choice. For example, you get to choose if you want a new piece of wall art, a welcome sign, or an address plaque. Just put “welcome” on the sign and you’ve got a great way to greet friends and guests. We felt like The Zoo needed something tropical and with more teeth. Show your roots or just support the gator. The plaque is 16″ wide by 10.5″ tall, which is a great size for a standard address.

But what’s even better about this sign is the knowledge that you will never see another sign just like this one. Because our signs are handcrafted and the vagaries of the patina, every sign we make is subtly different.

And of course, all of our signs and plaques are made from American labor and American materials in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.



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