Charles Mackintosh Font: The Father of Modern Architecture

A Fine Example of the Mackintosh Font

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1869-1928) is the namesake of our Mackintosh font, which appears on many Stickley-style signs and plaques. The Mackintosh font reflects the style of Mackintosh’s architecture in that it is simple (par the craftsman era) but also plays close attention to the values of aesthetics. Mackintosh was greatly honored during his career and his most iconic work—the Glasgow School of Art—stands proudly to this day. We are thrilled to add the Mackintosh font into our library of usable fonts.


Inside the Glasgow school of art

Inside the Glasgow School of Art

It is said that Mackintosh meticulously hand-lettered the print on all of his writings using his own distinct personal style to convey the mood of each project. Likewise, his buildings reflect the mood of their setting. For instance, if a building were to be placed in an urban area, then Mackintosh used urban style brick to blend it with its surroundings. This characteristic is best seen in the Glasgow school of art, which Mackintosh designed from the inside-out using woodwork, decorative borders and trims, thematic inlays, stained glass windows, craftsman furniture and original lamps.

Outsie the glasgow school of art

Outside the Glasgow School of Art

The exterior of the Glasgow school of design demonstrates a simple style that average modern consumers wouldn’t bat an eyelash at. But do not be deceived—the style of the Glasgow school of design was eminent in its day—nothing before or after matches its display of architectural virtuosity.


Though Mackintosh’s architecture was wildly popular, his wealth slowly diminished as a cancer, which ultimately claimed his life, grew. He passed away in 1928 leaving behind an estate valued at only a couple hundred dollars. His legacy, however, continued to grow. Fifty years after his death one of his personal chairs sold for $13,600. Sixteen years later, in 1994, another sold for a whopping $415,000.

To this day Mackintosh is considered one of the fathers of modernist architecture, exemplifying an exceptional understanding of restraint, modesty, and visual integrity. It is with great pleasure that we offer to you the Mackintosh front for your signs or plaques.





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