Ed Benguiat: The Master of Font


Benguiat Typefaces

A Collection of Benguiat's Typefaces

At Atlas Signs and Plaques we offer an innumerable amount of custom signs. Our sizes, designs, patinas, and fonts are all very unique and original. Today, we’re focusing on fonts, particularly the cherished “Benguiat” font named after legendary designer Ed Benguiat.

Who is Ed Benguiat?

You probably have never heard of Ed Benguiat, but you have seen his work. His designs are ubiquitous—he’s literally all over the place. From designing the header of the New York Times and Esquire, to designing movie posters for high profile movies (like the classic Planet of the Apes), Benguiat’s creations always amaze.

Those who have talked with Benguiat say he is very outspoken, direct, and honest. Outside of designing, he teaches a class at the “School of Visual Arts in New York” called “So you want to design a typeface (and get rich like me)”. You see what I mean about the direct thing? Never one to idle, Benguiat also plays jazz drums and pilots a 350 MPH airplane in his free time. He was also inducted into the art director hall of fame in 2000 joining the ranks of Saul Bass, Herb Lubalin, Seymour Chwast, Walt Disney, and Andy Warhol.

No Solicitor Ed Benguiat Font

No Solicitors, Sporting the ITC Benguiat Font

We are proud to bring you a font designed by this very interesting person, and we know that it will serve you well, rocker-pilot or no.

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