Every House and Family Has a History. Record Your Life with a Historic Plaque

Corn Hill Mansions in Rochester NY

Celebrate your own history

As National History Month approaches, we were reminded of how much history this country has. But our country’s history is being made every day by you and your family.

Rochester NY Landmark Historic Plaque

This plaque is not aging well

During a recent walking tour of the Rochester New York, Corn Hill Historic District, I saw many plaques identifying the age of the homes. Many of these beautiful mansions dated from the 1830s, which was the period of merchant prosperity following the completion of the Erie Canal. Other homes had plaques which designated Historic Homes that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Too bad that many of the plaques in Historic Rochester were aging poorly and were hard to read.

Personal Historic Plaque

Make it a personal Historic Plaque

Then it dawned on me. Why wait until you live in a historic home that someone else built more than a hundred years ago to hang a Historical Plaque. Every home and every family is making history every day. Why not record it now? The date your home was completed, even if just last week is an opportunity to celebrate the event with a historic plaque from Atlas.

American Craftsman Historic Plaque

For your Arts and Crafts Building

Record those little things that have big meaning to you. The names and birthdays of your children and grandchildren, the wedding held in your back yard, where you and your father worked on your first car, the accepted proposal on the porch swing, the totally unsuccessful garage band, get it? They are important dates and events now, so don’t wait 150 years to mount your personal historic plaques.

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