Featured Sign of the Week: Harry Potter Address Plaque

Harry Potter would approve of this address plaque.

Harry Potter Font


The epic journey of Harry Potter came to an end on July 16, 2011 when the final movie was released. The Harry Potter phenomenon was unlike any other. By the time that the seventh book came out, millions of people were waiting. The eight movies made 7 billion dollars off of a 1 billion dollar budget.

We wanted to honor that impressive achievement with our very own sign, but we couldn’t think of how. Then we remembered the unique font from the covers and went with it. The font on the Lumos Address Plaque is called… well, Lumos and takes its primary inspiration from the covers of the Harry Potter books. We feel that this address plaque would fit from Hogsmeade to 12 Grimmaud Place to Platform 9 3/4. But not just wizards can have this sign. We can make it for anyone and we’ll fully customize it. Make it say what you want it to say and have fun. We’ll wave our wands and have it on the way in two weeks! You don’t even need an owl to get it.

As always, our signs and plaques are made in the US from American Materials and Labor.

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