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In 1871, the Great Chicago Fire devastated the downtown area of Chicago. More than 4 square kilometers of city were destroyed and 100,000 thousand people were left homeless. Less than 20 years later, Chicago was still rebuilding, but there was a new architect rising through the ranks: Frank Lloyd Wright. By the time of his death in the 1959, he had become the most preeminent American architect and is widely argued to be the father of modernism.

Falling Water House

Falling Water House

Frank Lloyd Wright’s style, which came to be known as the Prairie Style, emphasizes geometrical lines and a natural feel. His houses usually worked with the land, incorporating features rather than blocking them. For example, one of his most famous works is Fallingwater, a house with a river running through it. The sharp horizontal and vertical lines are a hallmark of Wright’s style. However, he is not an easy architect to classify. Case in point: he also designed the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Seeing as we are a Wisconsin company and Frank Lloyd Wright is from Wisconsin, we found it would be only natural to honor his contributions to architecture with a few signs. Our Eaglefeather-style signs take a healthy dose of inspiration from him, and we’ve named a different sign after him. We feel that he’d quite like these signs.

All our signs and plaques are made in Lake Mills from American Materials and Labor.

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