Funny Custom Signs

Funny Sign

Humor is one of the greatest functions of the human brain. The ability to laugh at ourselves is something that is oft taken for granted. Do you remember the funniest thing you’ve ever seen? The funniest joke you’ve ever heard? Odds are you can recall your favorites in an instant. Some things have always been and always will be funny. Like Steve Martin and Dave Chappelle. Atlas Signs and Plaques makes signs of all kinds, including humorous ones. Here are some of our funniest.


1#  Not a Friend Privacy Plaque. (pictured above) You don’t have to be an English major to appreciate the word jangling that this sign provides. This sign also incorporates the ever-effective “Gecko mating call”. Look out, ladies.


Beware of Boy Signage

Babysitters, You Have Been Warned

2# Beware of Boy. “Bang, Pow, Crash! You’re dead!” If you are the parent of a male child then this is the transcript that you probably hear day in and day out. Mothers, when not facilitating the still-unresolved Cowboy-Indian war, have to protect friends from their monsoon of wild energy and destruction (aka, son). Our “Beware of Boy” sign helps with that task.


3# Whale House Numbers. Ok. I understand. Only 2% of you will think this sign is as funny as I do. To the other 98% all I can say is: just look at the dang thing.


The man cave

I Am Man, Hear Me Roar

4# The Man Room. Apparently manliness is in. From old spice ads to beer commercials, we see a lot of attention being paid to manliness by marketers. And for good reason; gender differences are one of the most perpetually amusing sources of humor there is. Just about every dude needs his own space to drink beer and watch football. Our “man room” sign helps carve that space out in a very self-aware, humorous way.

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