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black friday lines

Let us Save You the Hassle of Ridiculous Lines

In retail there are a lot of words that carry specific connotations. For instance “Recovery” means that racked clothes were abused during open store hours, and now must be re-racked. “Black Friday” refers to a phenomena so poorly regarded by retail employees that the term has attained taboo status. Studying these terms really makes one think—why leave home to shop when you can buy a high quality product online? Avoid crazy lines, overcrowded parking lots, and headache-inducing fender benders this season by shopping online at

But your quest for the perfect gift does not end there because simply getting to our online marketplace doesn’t guarantee success. That’s why I’m here. I have selected 6 of my favorite gift ideas from our huge catalog so that you don’t have to sift through slightly-less-awesome signs to find the right one for you.


Carved Initials

Why Sit Through a Boring Musical When You Can Buy Her a Carved Heart Sign?

1)    Carved Initials Plaque. In the UK it is illegal to carve on trees (even on private property). In the US, carving on trees is considered an act of vandalism and is treated like graffiti by law enforcement. You can avoid a silly 400$ fine by simply buying one of these cute plaques for your sweetheart.

Particularly Viable for Chicago Sports Fans

2)    Mini-bear Please Remove Shoes Sign. What makes this plaque such a great gift? Easy—no one likes mud and stains on their carpet. That means this sign is 100% guaranteed to be used by whomever you give it to (unlike last year’s heat blanket-pillow contraption).

Perhaps a Method to Reduce Black Friday Mayhem?

3)    Keep Calm and Carry On. This design originally emerged during the onset of WWII as a way to keep British common folk from freaking out during air raids. Though relatively unheralded at the time, the image has gained a devoted following over the last decade. This is the perfect gift for your historically-aware friends.

Peace Sign Gift Plaque

Give the Gift of Peace

4)    Keep the Peace. The peace sign was created as a logo for a nuclear disarmament group in the early 50’s. The symbol now carries the legacy of the hippie movement and is globally recognized as the sign for peace and love. If you have any friends or loved ones who subscribe to keeping the peace—then this is the perfect sign for them.

Also Great for SteamPunk Buffs

5)    Sprocket Address Plaque. You could give your bicycle-loving friend a new chain or tire for their beloved bike. But that’s a little foolish; if a bike-lover wants an upgrade to their bike they’re going to do the research themselves. This means that your great-intentions bike chain is going to collect dust on their equipment shelf. If you had bought them a sprocket address plaque, then that gift would still be proudly displayed on their house to this day.

The man Cave

The Perfect Gift.

6)    The Man Cave. Most every man wants (and needs) one of these bad boys. You simply can’t go wrong here.

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