Help us to ban the barbaric declawing of cats in the USA

Atlas and Shrugged are cats with claws

Atlas and Shrugged

Would you like your toes cut off?

I don’t think I need to ramble on why it isn’t right. Google the phrase “declawing cats”  and see just what a barbaric practice it is,  and why it should be banned in the USA.

Our cats, Atlas and Shrugs, (pictured above) have all of their claws. They never cause any damage in the house, but do spend time at the scratching post which is a $20.00 item available from pet stores everywhere. They are happy, can scratch their ears, groom, and defend themselves. We can’t imagine mutilating them for our convenience. They are good and gentle  kitties and never extend their claws except to do the natural cat things. They have never drawn blood from us.  We could never cause them the pain of major surgery. Just look at the online photos of how extreme this practice is and you will probably change your mind.

Photo of Shrugged who is a happy cat with claws

Shrugged, All Boy

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Photo of Atlas the Princess Kitty who has all of her claws

Atlas the Princess Kitty

Update, November 3, 2010. We received this great note from Tracey:

I absolutely support a ban on declawing and I wholeheartedly support the person who set up the petition.
Many consider the USA to be a forwarding thinking country but surely this cannot be correct when this mutilation and torture is advertised and carried out by vets everyday some even offering discounts.  The American Veterinary Medical Association states that declawing should be carried out as a last resort.  They know its usually done as a first resort, they have had the evidence thrown in their face and still they take no action.
I was delighted to be emailed your link and from then to see your article.  Tell me are you a UK based company?
Thanks for highlighting this awful torture on your website.

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