How to get in Shape with Atlas Signs and Plaques

Birds on a Branch Address Plaques by Atlas Signs and Plaques

Birds on a Branch Address Plaque

The shape of a plaque can be as important as the written word

We make the sign shape fit the message, define an era, and draw attention to your message. An inspirational message might be placed on a plaque shaped like an open book, a sign discouraging solicitors could best be placed on a shield shape to show authority, your neighborhood or condo association could vote an eared sign as the unifying standard, your  business might be defined by an “old world” look, your seafood restaurant by a scalloped design, or you may just like a specific shape for your gift to Mom. Whatever your desire and reason, Atlas Signs and Plaques can create it. We are not hampered by such out of date concepts like molds or straight saw-cuts, and can give you whatever shape and size you desire. Just to make it easy, you can go to our shape page to see some ideas that will fit your vision. When you contact us, just tell us what shape you are thinking and we will go from there.

Monogram Wedding Plaque by Atlas Signs and Plaques

Monogram Wedding Plaque

One of today’s “buzz words” is “Communication” . Signs and Plaques can enhance the effectiveness of your message using shapes. We have expectations when we see certain shapes. Think of the most obvious which might be the octagonal sign that just screams “Stop”. When we see simple rectangles or squares, we expect information, regulatory messages, or warnings. (We could really share some stories of ignoring some of those warnings, but will save them for another time.) The shape of “No Passing”, “Yield”, and “Railroad Crossing” signs are deeply ingrained into our psyche. We recognize and process the message before we read the words.

Not wishing to limit our discussion to traffic signage, we have other expectations when we observe signs with less universal meanings and we become “tuned in” to local, or state standards. Most states and many communities have standard sign shapes to designate historic sites, scenic routes, or even neighborhoods. Corporations often use shapes as part of their identifying logo. Most of us would recognize by sign shape, Chevrolet, The Weather Channel,  Disney’s Micky Mouse, and Mini Cooper. After a short time, we become aware of the shape and seek them out when looking for specific areas, companies, franchises, or events. The shape of the sign can speak to the observer. We often react to the shape, but do so without thinking much about it.

The designers at Atlas think about it for you. Bringing the shape, font, and message into harmony. Your Arts and Crafts Bungalow Style Home would not look correct sporting

Art Shack Name Plaque Atlas Signs And Plaques

Art Shack Name Sign

an address plaque with a complex shape and frilly typeface, nor would your Victorian Home be harmonious with a hard rectangular address sign combined with angular modern numbers. Our goal is to give your signs the impact that you desire with the use of shapes and fonts that convey feelings, mood, and importance.

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