How to Make a Sign pt. II

Last week we showed you how we convert HDU board into signs. After Chuck completes his part, the plaques receive the mounting system specified by the customer. The signs are then sent to our spray department where Janey gives them their real metal coating using a high volume low-pressure spray gun.

Janey spraying HDU

Janey Giving HDU the Real Metal Coat

The metal coating is not paint, it is a patented cold sprayable metallizing process comprised of up to 75% real metal. The real metal heats slightly as it forms a chemical bond with the surface, which means that the metal essentially becomes part of the HDU. Unlike paint, which forms a mechanical bond with its substrate, the metal coat will not fade, peel, or flake a few years down the road.

This is the last step in our creation process that the signs will be collectively monochromatic as a batch. This means that soon they will receive their patina finish, and each sign will look unique and lustrous.

A batch of signs curing

Wilfred and Willow Basking

But for now the metal on the signs needs time to cure, or adapt to its new home on the HDU board.

Once the metal is cured to satisfaction, the signs receive their patinas. This is where the real fun begins.

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