How to Pack a Sign for Return Shipping

Once in a while we have a customer that needs to return a sign to us, and occasionally that sign doesn’t make it to us safe and sound. We know our customers mean well and try their best, but to make it even easier we thought we’d share with you a step by step guide to proper sign packing for shipment, the Atlas Signs and Plaques way.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is wrap your sign in something to protect it from scratches. We prefer a double layer of tissue paper (this also keeps the bubble wrap from sticking).

sign wrapped in tissue paper






The next step is to cover the sign in bubble wrap, paying special attention to the edges as this is where damage is most likely to occur. We recommend using a double layer, because you never know when one of those bubbles is going to take the day off.

sign in bubble wrap


Next, find a good strong NEW box that the sign fits comfortably in, with a little bit of room around the edges- you don’t want it to be smushed.

sign in box


Put paper around the edges to fill in the spaces.  The goal here is to stabilize the sign so that it doesn’t move, as well as to pad the edges in case the box gets dropped or smashed.

Image showing sign almost ready for shipping


Finally, fill in the gap between the sign and the top of the box with paper.  This also helps to stabilize the sign, as well as helping to keep the box from caving in if something heavier is placed on top of it.  Once your box is closed, you should be able to shake it without the sign moving.  If it moves, add more paper where needed.

Box with sign ready for shipping

The very last step is to seal up the box and put a label on it! That’s all there is to it!

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