Howling at the Moon – A New Direction for CustomASAP Blog

Howling at the MoonWe are going back to our blog roots

And this will be a little bit of a change in that we are no longer going to be pure “pablum” in what we post.

In addition to some slightly controversial postings of a political nature, and let’s face it, in today’s polarized climate, everything is offensive to someone. But, we do see outrages, and outrageously funny situations and events from time to time, and just can’t sit silent, so will share them. Be it known that posting to cause outrage or solicit comments is not our intention, and we will share no matter what the political point of view is.

We will also post some of our experiences with businesses, both positive and negative. Don’t start counting the ratio yet, but we are getting a little miffed at what passes for customer service these days and might just like to vent a little. On the positive side, we are thrilled to be treated like “valuable customers”, and when we are, we will plug the business that takes pride in the way they treat their clients.

Finally, we may share a bit of fashion sense or nonsense, humor, good citizenship, and just plain cool things. When we are inspired by items that are so unique, clever, interesting, artistic, or so well-crafted that we wish to share them, we will, but we do so without endorsing or recommending them.

Make no mistake though, we will still shamelessly promote our business and products, but we want to have a little more fun doing it.

And just one more tiny-weeny thing, please don’t call, yell, or email if you disagree with us. You are welcome to write a comment if you disagree. We will probably keep it on, but if you are nasty probably not… Instead, try to remember gentler times when we could have a discussion about politics, religion, or social issues without chanting and waiving signs on opposite sides of the street. Americans have always had diverse and differing opinions, and it made us stronger rather than dividing us.


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