Keep It Clean and Healthy: Please Remove Your Shoes

Dirty Boots? Wet Shoes? Grimy Galoshes?!


Please Remove Shoes Brass Sign

A Musical Way To Keep the Floors Clean

Ka-thump, ka-thump, ka-thump. You listen in exasperation as someone tromps across your clean floors in their muddy, wet boots. Or maybe your children have just come in for some hot chocolate after shoveling, but their wet shoes are draining quite nicely onto your kitchen floor. Or maybe you’re holding a dinner party and the skies open up just as your guests are arriving. As you greet your guests, you cringe at the thought of cleaning all of your floors.

A Please Remove Your Shoes sign solves all of these problems while also giving your mudroom or entryway a beautiful new sign. We have more than 10 styles to choose from, including the rugged Mini Snow Capped Mountains and the Swirls Design. If you already have an address plaque from us, coordinate your signage by matching this sign with your others. For example, we have a Swirls Theme that complements Art Nouveau and Craftsman-style homes. Or maybe you’re more of a bird person and want a Mini Phrase Pelican Plaque.

Let people know that you want to keep your floors clean. But have a sense of style about it. And remember, our signs are safe for all conditions.

All our signs are made from American Materials and Labor.

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