Let’s Shed our Fear, and Get the Economy Moving

Be the king of the economic jungle

Be Fearless

We All Know the Economy is Tough

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

Winston Churchill
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Let’s be fearless!

It is not necessary to beat the subject to death. The economy is in a bad way, either in recession, or just officially emerged, depending on which expert you believe. This isn’t America’s first, downturn and certainly not the last. But there are some bright spots. And..if you don’t see any, then make some of your own.  So, make your own news, and make it positive. In our opinion, the best way to help your friends, family, and neighbors economically is to start acting like the economy is, in fact, rebounding. Make something, start a business, buy things. Stop waiting for an election, tax change, stimulus, or other program that is not working.  There are always uncertainties and fear will only sink us farther . We are the Economic Recovery Act!

As former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said in his Oct 6th, 2010 article titled Fear Undermines America’s Recovery:

“Although rising moderately this year, US fixed capital investment has fallen far short of the level that history suggests should have occurred given the recent dramatic surge in corporate profitability. Combined with a collapse of long-term illiquid investments by households, they have frustrated economic recovery. These shortfalls, the result of widespread private-sector anxiety over America’s future, have defused much, if not most, of the impact of the administration’s fiscal stimulus. Moreover, the activism embodied in such programs has itself stoked the degree of anxiety.”

As Mr Greenspan states, there is a degree of anxiety that has defused much of the fiscal stimulus. And we add, that when the fear subsides, the world economy will begin anew, and the cycle will start over again. Let’s start now and beat the rush!

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