No Smoking Signs and How to Keep Your Air Cleaner

How do you keep your air fresh and clean from pollution and second hand smoke?


Small Oval No Smoking Sign

Smoking has become stigmatized and is becoming exceptionally rare in public places. With that said, there are still places where it’s up in the air whether or not smoking is acceptable. There are restaurants, bars, and taverns that stick to their heritage of a smoky, dim room, but the backlash against these businesses is growing. No matter where you stand on the issue, there is a solution: our full collection of No Smoking Signs.

No smoking signs are an easy way to let your patrons and guests know that they need to leave before lighting up. The only problem is that most signs are either flimsy or boring or don’t fit the feel of your restaurant. That’s where we come in. Because our signs are all hand-made to your order, we can do whatever you’d like. We have signs in several sizes, ranging from the unobtrusive Smoking Prohibited Sign to the slightly larger No Smoking Anywhere plaque. But if you want something more, just let us know your ideas and we can make it happen.

As long as you’re clear with the application of your rules, there shouldn’t be too many problems with smoking. Just have some gentle reminders (or not-so-gentle, if that’s your style) around and people will follow.

And remember, all of our signs are made from American Labor and Materials.


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