Ooooh! Watch the Hours Grow Closer With The Halloween Skull Clock

Photo of scull clock coated in LuminOre®


The minutes are ticking away

until the night grows dark and the moon shines fleetingly through stormy clouds. Halloween descends upon us with amazing unworldly swiftness. Goblins, Zombies, and Little Pirates watch the clock waiting for the right moment in time to collect their bounty. Vampires measure the minutes to avoid the rising sun. The Witching Hours is soon to be upon us. Beware!

Many wait all year for Halloween and our associate, Karen, is one of those who takes this day to the extreme. She designed this Skull Clock for her Halloween party. She and her family have been preparing for Halloween for weeks, if not months. We did the only reasonable thing, and added the unusual Skull Clock to our collection. It is a bit of a departure from our norm, but admittedly great fun.

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