Please Remove Shoes Sign, A Great Holiday Gift!

Please remove shoes

The Perfect Seasonal Gift!

I hate to say it, but winter is coming. There’s no doubt about that. I can already sense the bleakness as it slowly forms in my mind. I can feel the ubiquitous cold-blanket sucking the life out of everything it touches like a dementor sucking the souls from it’s helpless victims. I can see the vastness of snow covering the entire ground save for a few intrepid blades of grass here and there resembling the look of an old man’s very-nearly-bald head. It’s some depressing business.

What depresses me more during winter is when someone walks through my house without removing their shoes. Delivery boys do this sort of thing all the time. Sound familiar? I hope not, but if it does then we have the answer for you at Atlas Signs and Plaques. This featured sign is in the mold of a snow-capped mountain, with the clear and easy to read “Please Remove Shoes” superimposed on it. The perfect gift for the holiday season, this sign will prevent people from tracking garbage through your house with their wet shoes. Imagine what a please remove shoes sign will do in the summer too. Rain. Mud. Grass. Dirt. You don’t need any of that on your carpet. (Note: the snow on the mountains is permanent, regardless of temperature.)

Sometimes people are rude, it happens. Sometimes people are unintentionally rude, it also happens. In either case, if people enter your house with their shoes on with one of these plaques hanging right in front of their face, then they should go back to grammar school and re-learn English so that they may get a better grasp of how to read.

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