Some Signs Should Just Read “Duh”

photo of stupid dumb sign that says that glass is transparent

Who Knew

We, of course, love signs…

and are always looking for the unusual, the bizzare, or the ones that make us wonder what event precipitated the posting of the message. This one is from a a Salon in San Francisco. It just caught my eye as I was wandering around drinking in the city early one recent morning.

Swept Away sign at Sutro Baths

Saved by the Sign

Apparently, signs in the San Francisco area must be very direct to be effective. I almost started climbing on the rocks surrounding the ruins of the Sutro Baths when this sign caught my eye. A stroke of luck that I saw it.  The sign worked, I stayed off the rocks and did not get swept to my death by the surf. I was, without a doubt, saved by very effective signage!

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