State Shaped Address Number Plaques, or, Showing Your State of Mind

Your State Shape as an Address Plaque

Here is another great one. Your Address Numbers on an address plaque shaped like your state. It is called The State of Mind Address Plaque.

Atlas Signs and Plaques is known in every state as specializing in the most innovative, unusual, and stylish shaped address plaques for home and business. Once again, there is no need to settle for the humdrum square cornered address plaques when you can have a custom shape.

This is so cool regardless of which state your mind is in. Not only is the  Address Plaque shaped like your state, but to make it even better, your home’s location is shown with a little heart. Share your state pride and show some love for your hometown by displaying your address numbers on the State Shaped Address Plaque. Every state shape is available with Colorado, and Wyoming being especially challanging to our designer. But don’t limit yourself to states in the USA, whole continents, countries, archipelagos, and provinces are also available.

This is available in all of our real metal coatings, with your choice of patina or verdigris finishes. For you crafter types, order it uncoated and use your talents (along with some readily available materials) and Do it Yourself. Yep, apply your own custom colors using paints, dyes, or even gold leaf. It is easy because Atlas does the hard work of cutting the shape and numbers. You do the rest and have your very own masterpiece. It’s as easy as Changing Your Mind!!

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