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Stopping Thieves from Stealing Bronze Plaques

Replacement plaque to stop thieves from stealing the original plaque to sell for scrapHere are some recent headlines about plaques being stolen to sell for scrap:

  • “Historic Plaques in Uptown stolen”
  • “War Memorials hit by metal theft”
  • “Bronze plaques stolen from Carmichael Memorial”
  • “Commemorative WWI bronze plaque stolen”
  • “New Haven police: Stolen bronze plaque valued at $10,000”
  • “Plaques stolen from VFW Post 6919”
  • “War Memorials being stolen for scrap in Derby and Ansonia”
  • “Stolen plaque replaced”
Closeup of the detail on a replacement bronze plaque going to Mare Island Naval Shipyard

Great Detail!

What a shame! Often the loss of these plaques are  devastating to those being honored by memorial plaques. Or, as in San Diego, the plaques can disappear from entire historic areas causing great financial hardship and loss of neighborhood identity.

We wish we really had the solution that would end the thievery of important bronze and brass plaques. But, there are ways to foil the crooks.

One solution is to utilize Historic Plaques from Atlas Signs and Plaques in the first place. The plaques have all the luster and beauty of foundry cast, but have a substrate of man-made material coated with real metal. The plaques are long lasting, look grand, and cost only a fraction of foundry cast.

Original Commemerative Plaque replaced with a bronze finish plaque

Saving the Valuable Original From Crooks

The other solution to protect existing plaques by temporarily removing the valuable plaques to a safe site until the theft subsides or better security measure are put in place. Then, have Atlas Signs and Plaques duplicate the plaque which you will mount in the same area as the original. Atlas just did this for a client. It is perfect solution in a not so perfect world.

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