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Unleash the Tree Hugger Within

Lots of Lovely Leaves Address

An address plaque in the shape of a leaf would be pretty amazing, but it would be a leaf. What you really want are leaves, lots and lots of lovely leaves.

And now you can have exactly that with the Lots of Lovely Leaves Address Plaque.

First look at the shape. It is a leaf with your address numbers in clear-cut 3D softly rounded numbers. Beyond that, the sign’s background is filled with an array of smaller 3D leaves making this the most unusual nature themed address plaque ever.

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Sometimes You Just Want Something a Little Different

Custom Stickley Phrase Plaque

Do you ever get sick of seeing people always doing or getting things that always seem the same as what everybody else is doing? We are! Fix the problem by getting a custom made plaque from Atlas Signs and Plaques.

It doesn’t need to be extremely different from everything you have seen, sometimes just changing something just a little bit can make the world of difference. For example, the plaque above is a combination of our craftsman style with our stickley phrase plaque; throw in the fact that the squares are circles and you have a completely original plaque for yourself.

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Trio of Trees Plaque Makes You Feel as if You are Living in the North Woods

Trio of Trees Address Plaque

Trio of Trees Address Plaque blends your house address numbers with the shape of the mixed forest.

The tree shapes embraces both deciduous and coniferous shapes and fit homes burrowed in a wooded city lot or cradled next to a meadow pond. The Trio of Trees Address Plaque has everything except the squirrels.

Atlas Signs and Plaques is all about shapes and doing the unexpected. It is a guarantee that you won’t find anything like the Trio of Trees Shaped Address Numbers anywhere else in the world. Why? Because it was designed and produced in Lake Mills, WI.

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Go Goo Goo for Grado Gradoo Numbers ONLY! Address Plaque

Numbers ONLY! with Fun Grado Gradoo Font


The Grado Gradoo Numbers ONLY! Plaque is a very modern looking address plaque that consists of bold easy to read numbers.

Everything is removed except the address numbers from the popular Grado Gradoo Address Plaque. The Grado Gradoo font was not designed until 2002, has big and bold numbers, and definitely has the Arts and Crafts feel to it. This is a really classy number plaque for your Craftsman, Arts and Crafts, Bungalow, or Prairie Style home.

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Will You Marry Me??

Personalized Engagement Plaque

The Light Goes On – An Idea Emerges

“Idea” As defined by Webster; Any object apprehended, conceived, or thought of, by the mind; a notion, conception, or thought; the real object that is conceived or thought of”

Say “I do” to a custom made engagement plaque from Atlas Signs. This particular sign turned out wonderfully and are excited to finally share it with you! We wanted to wait a little while after the day of the propose just in case it didn’t somehow get back to the woman being proposed to.

We love showing off our work and allowing others to get ideas for their own custom sign or plaque.

This page is filled with custom signs that we created that do not fit well into any of our categories. They might have special elements such as intentionally different fonts, special borders, or one-of-a-kind features. There is only one thing in common with these signs and plaques – They started with an Idea.

So here is a great idea, when you desire a sign or plaque that is a bit more unusual than you see, just email us with your thoughts and a receive a quote faster than the light bulb appearing over your head.