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New Design for Ground Mounting Stakes

Ground mounting stake for signs and plaquesNew stake design makes close-up viewing of signage easy

Atlas Signs and Plaques ground mounting systemSome clients using plaques as identification signs have desired ground mounting stakes that placed signs meant to be seen from fairly close at an angle for viewing and to keep the stake shorter.

The  new single stake does just that. Now when educational or wayfinding signs are placed near a path or in a garden setting, they are pointed at the viewers eyes.

This stake mounting system was designed by Atlas Signs and Plaques and is made of quality materials to look good for a very long time. Everything you need, except a screwdriver, is packed for easy and quick installation.

Of course you can still choose the straight, non-angled, version. When you are placing your order, just choose the desired stake length, and whether you would like straight or angled. Easy!

Speaking of installing signs and plaques, go to the Atlas Signs and Plaques Installation Page for more information and other sign mounting options.