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Travel to Moscow, Some Common Misconceptions about Visiting the Russian Capitol

Moscow Red Square and St Basil's CathedralHere are some casual observations about the mismatch of expectations and realities of visiting Moscow.

Having just returned from a September 2013 visit to Moscow, I was struck by the mismatch of what I had expected and what I actually observed.

Soviet Era Ruins in Moscow

Expected a lot of Soviet Era Rubble


Moscow turns out to be a wonderful place for the casual traveler to visit. While Moscow might not match some other cities in cuisine, shopping, or magnificent sight-seeing, it does offer plenty of beautiful parks, history, culture, architecture, world-class art and museums, cathedrals, and enough sights to keep a traveler easily occupied for many days.

I expected a bit more of a “police state” atmosphere, and at least expected some gnarly looking scar-faced, bandoleer draped, machine gun toting, pressed uniform wearing guards prominently stationed at the airport and on every street corner. But, no luck and no photo ops (presuming that I would not be sent to the gulag for attempting to use my trusty Leica to expose the goings-on behind the Iron Curtain). Well…maybe too many old cold-war movies stored in my DVD collection, and too many John le Carre books gathering dust on the shelves.

Moscow City is a Modern Financial Center

Got, Moscow City, As Modern as anywhere


Vibrant colors in Moscow

Expected Drab. Got Color


The reality is that there is definitely a lot more overt police presence in any large American city than in Moscow. Actually saw or heard very few police sirens. But, since there are not any donut shops, I guess there is not any reason to turn on the blue lights and go fast.

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