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A Custom No Soliciting Plaque Matches an Existing Architectural Element

We Design Custom Plaques that Can Match an Existing Architectural Element

Quite often we are called upon to create a custom plaque or sign that is meant to mirror, match, or compliment an existing architectural element. In this case, it was a door with a very fancy grate. The owner wished for a personalized “No Soliciting” sign that would match the door. Starting with a photo of the door and the grate, our crack design team went about their quiet, unappreciated mission and created the design by scaling the original to fit the desired plaque dimensions. They often do things by pure magic. Or at least they say that to enhance their value.

This custom plaque is more than just another way to keep solicitors at bay, it is about satisfying the needs of our client. This “No Soliciting” reads:

If not a friend, you will offend.

No soliciting,

No anything,

No kidding

Of course, you can have it say what is on the sign or it can say anything else you like…just don’t get too wordy or it won’t all fit, or we will just have to make you a bigger plaque. We like that idea! To tell us about your desires, visit the Atlas Signs and Plaques “We Design Your Ideas” page.