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Environmental Policy Statement From Atlas Signs And Plaques

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Environmentally Friendly and Getting Greener by the Day

Metal Facades and Atlas Signs and Plaques are concerned with sustaining the natural resources essential to life. To that goal, our commitment is to Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce as we conduct low impact manufacturing. Decisions regarding material acquisition, production, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, reuse, operations, and maintenance are made in an environmentally conscience manner.

Products purchased for use in our process are chosen with attention to the level of recycled material content, sustainability, and the suitability of reuse of waste and scrap. Selection is heavily biased towards products and services that are “environmentally preferable” to the alternatives.

Packing materials received with inbound shipments are stored for reuse with outbound shipments. Other materials that might otherwise go directly to landfill are utilized for the construction of crates, jigs and fixtures, so that continuing use of scrap is realized as an alternative to utilizing virgin stock. To further reduce waste, small unusable pieces of our base materials are sold and distributed to hobbyists for use in smaller projects.

The business occupies, (by choice) a modest size, well insulated building and utilizes otherwise wasted energy from machinery for winter space heating. For summer operations, waste heat is vented to the outside to maintain comfortable interior temperatures without the use of air conditioning. High-efficiency lighting is utilized sparingly to further decrease electrical needs. When possible, equipment is run during off-peak hours, and with minimal lighting to reduce the strain on electrical generation and distribution. Handwork is employed for many projects even when machines are available. This reduces electrical consumption and maintains our commitment to the handmade concept.

To further reduce earth impact, goods are sourced locally when possible. We realize that materials are available from Third World Countries at a lessor cost. However, pollution is a World Wide Issue and exporting manufacturing and pollution to the Far East, where factories often operate without regard for pollution and with little concern for the well-being of their employees, is not in our long-term best interest. Furthermore, global shipping using heavy oil for fuel is a dirty proposition at best. We prefer to keep manufacturing jobs in the USA where factories can be better encouraged to produce in manner that is least harmful, and where labor can earn a fair wage in a safe work environment.

Metal Facades and Atlas Signs and Plaques will be resourceful as we work to reduce our impact on the environment while upholding the highest standards in customer care and product quality. We will work collaboratively with customers and suppliers who share this common goal.