The Flower of Life as Wall Art

Photo of Flower of life address plaque

The Flower of Life

Flower of Life, often referred to as the Sacred Geometry

As a gift, it has been said that giving the Flower of Life to someone is akin to giving them the whole universe. Our guess is that, while this is a great concept in theory, season game tickets or jewels are a safer bet.

FOL photo in Egypt

In Egypt

Considered to be sacred in that the Flower of Life represents a geometrical pattern that is one of the common threads throughout the entire universe. To many it means that all life has the same source. While maybe not considered wall art at the time, the most ancient Flower of Life symbol seems to be at The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. The symbol’s use is widespread and is not confined to any one area. It has been used for centuries in Turkish, Eastern European, and Indian cultures, and a variation even shows up in Peru.

The Flower of Life can be broken down into its basic components, the Egg of Life and The Seed of Life. Taking the Flower one step farther results in the Fruit of Life. Both mystical and mathematical aspects have captivated the greatest thinkers in history.

Flower of Life Wall Art Plaque

Flower of Life Wall Art

Leonardo Da Vinci seemed enthralled with the mathematical properties of the Flower. He drew it repeatedly in all of its permutations and elements. So important are the patterns and spacing that the Flower of Life may be the basis for music,  and likely contains the “magic ratio” called phi. The flower of life has endured for over 4 thousand years, and remains a source of wonder, inspiration, and even amusement.

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