The World’s Most Unique Wall Clocks Introduced by Atlas Signs and Plaques

Fox shaped wall clock in silver-nickel finish

FireFox Wall Clock in Silver-Nickel Finish

Atlas Signs and Plaques has just introduced a new series of custom, unique, one-of-a-kind wall clocks.

These new clocks are true pieces of art and are not found anywhere else in the world.


Design is always foremost at Atlas Signs and Plaques.

Wall Clock in Bronze Verdigris Finish depicting Great Blue Herons in FlightRather than following a narrow theme, the designers at Atlas Signs and Plaques where given a free reign to come up with ideas that followed their individualism and unique personalities. And did they come up with some unexpected design ideas? The answer is yes.

Unique wall clock in dog shapeSince one of the things that Atlas does better than anyone else is shapes, some of the clocks broke the confines of expected shapes and morphed into foxes, dogs, and cats. These are not only great for the animal lover, but perfect for a pet based business. Groomers and Pet Hotels will want to get theirs right away.

Combine the kind of shapes that Atlas can create along with a choice of six real metal coatings and you have something that goes beyond unique.

Edgar Allan Poe inspired Wall Clock with Ravens and Copper Verdigris FinishOther clocks stayed with the expected shapes, but the graphics and design concepts showcased just how weird and out-of-the-box the design team at Atlas really is. How about a clock dedicated to Ravens and the horrific evil genius of Edgar Allan Poe? Or getting out there even a little farther, a Wall Clock with a Voodoo Mask?

Industrial Age Wall Clock in Iron Rust FinishAnother that is going to be a favorite with the owners of loft style abodes is the Industrial Age Wall Clock. It brings back the era of belching stacks and industrial might and will be at home in any location where a little mass is called for. Think of how this will look in your renovated office or factory.  The Industrial Clock is a natural for Atlas’ Iron Rust Finish, but can be had in any of the real metal coatings offered.

The USA Made quartz battery movements in all clocks from Atlas will keep them accurate as well as great looking.

Check out the growing selection of absolutely unique clocks from Atlas Signs and Plaques.


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