There’s Something About Verdi

Here at Atlas Signs and Plaques, Copper Verdi and Bronze Verdi are two of our more popular finishes.

Unique Serenity Garden Plaque

A More Blue Bronze Verdi

We make our verdi signs by hand, just like all of our other signs. Once we have a bronze or copper-coated sign, we bring it across the shop to the patina table. There, our artisans apply a blend of chemicals to create that time-worn look. We use the cold patination process for a few reasons, but primarily because it’s safer. Once we’re finished with the patination, we spray the plaque with our marine grade clearcoat and send it off to you. However, we can also make a sign without the clearcoat if you want the sign to age more quickly.

Love and Happiness Bronze Verdi

Another Verdi Sign

But why are do our verdi signs show so much more variation than our other signs? This is mostly because of the patina. As you recall, our patina comes from a chemical reaction that we control. However, different artisans have a different touch. In addition, the chemical reaction is affected by the temperature of the shop.  Our verdi signs are completely unique, just like a genuine antique patina. Check our store for more examples of the brass or copper patina.

Atlas Signs and Plaques is proud to make all of our signs and plaques from American Labor and Materials, right here in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

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