We Love to Share Photos of Our Plaques Doing Their Job

Photo of Stickley Address Plaque mounted on a brick pillar

Stickley Address Plaque on a brick pillar

A picture is worth at least a thousand words.

We just ran across photos of a couple of plaques that were sent to us by our clients.

Photo of Bamboo Address Plaque

Bamboo Address Plaque

The larger photo (above) is of a Stickley Address Plaque. The client wrote; “Nice job! Looks really great” We couldn’t agree more.

The smaller photo is a new item, The Bamboo Address Plaque. The customer sent the photo and said; “Do you like it – We do”.

Thanks for the opportunity to share. We always enjoy seeing photographs  of completed signs and plaques being put to work. If you would like to share your photo with us,  click here and attach your photo to an an email.

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