What Do you Find in a Man Cave?

There is little question that the man cave is an utterly necessary part of manhood. Man caves allow men to retreat from social and family responsibilities and pretend, if only for an hour or two, that they’re still a kid (which is kind of funny because men are really just grown boys). They still love things that crash and boom. They still have a nose for recklessness. And of course, they still have their toys (albeit bigger and more expensive).

Today’s blog celebrates the best toys that you may find in a man cave. Enjoy.

Altoids Rock!

First up is a truly one of a kind guitar amp my by Hesslerk. Made out of a Altoids container, this amp comes in all the regular Altoids flavors. Coming fully loaded with a 10x gain function (a LOT of crunch), this amp is soft on the battery and heavy on the metal. Just the way things should be in a man cave. This stylish amp also comes in a more risque variety for the more bachelor-oriented man caves.

Wise Words from Mr. Franklin

No Man Cave is complete without a reference to beer. This picture by Unlock My Story has humor and plenty of beer references. No matter your favorite flavor, everyone can appreciate Mr. Ben Franklin’s keen, astute explanation of Beer’s place in this world: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Thank you, Mr. Franklin, thank you.

The Word's Greatest Man Cave Sign

Enter at Your Own Risk

Finally, we have a man’s sign in the truest meaning of the word. This sign made by Atlas Signs and Plaques is the  crown jewel of any man cave. It’s looks are great AND it prevents wayward, unfortunate souls from unwittingly entering the man’s lair. Buy the World’s Greatest Man Cave Sign today!


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