What is Labor Day?

Labor Day picture

Happy Labor Day!

If you are reading this at work today chances are you aren’t working in the United States. Today the U.S. is celebrating its annual tribute to workers—Labor Day. Lets sit back, relax, and answer the question: what exactly is Labor Day (other than a day off)?

Labor day began on Sept. 5th 1882 in NYC by the central labor union, the first major trade union in the country.  It quickly gained a word of mouth following and in a short 2 years was recognized by the government as an annual tribute to American workers.

Labor day is often celebrated with parades intended to demonstrate the strength and spirit of American workers. It is also a public display of unity and ability to aim toward goals ass a group.

Labor day also represents the end of summer and the beginning of school for most college students, as many Colleges and Universities begin classes on the Tuesday after Labor Day. That means “Labor Day” to more than a few undergrads means “hangover day”.


Happy Labor Day America!

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