When Should I Order Address Numbers for a New House or Remodel Project?

Address Number Plaque easily surface installed on brickOrdering the Address Number Plaque for your new home or your remodeling project is strictly a matter of timing

One might think that placing the all important address numbers on your home would be the last thing to do before calling it “done” and moving in. This is really never the case, so consider the following.

Who is going to mount your address number plaque and where will it be placed? If the address plaque will be mounted on siding, it will be attached by the general or finish contractor after the siding is installed. But if will be mounted on or in brickwork or masonry, then the masonry contractor probably should be involved so she can incorporate the plaque into the brick pattern for a great preplanned look. Even if the plaque will be surface mounted, it is easier for the contractor to drill the appropriate holes and complete the installation.

How to mount your address plaque on any surface

But have no fear if your contractors have abandoned you. Signs and Plaques from Atlas Signs and Plaques are designed to be mounted using several different methods depending upon location and surface. All methods are well within the capabilities of most homeowners.

There are some compelling reasons to install your house identification as soon as possible though. You will want contractors, building inspectors (ugh), and the cable guy to be able to find you. And, in the case of a fire or accident, you won’t want rescue workers to be delayed.

Bottom line is to order your house number plaque as soon as you decide on a style and finish, and install it as soon as possible taking in to account the chance of damage from careless workers.



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