5 Great Artistic, Christian Decorations

Example of Manmade and Natural Beauty

Whether you’re a believer or not, you have to admit that Christianity is a symbolically and visually appealing religion. It’s artwork (like the Sistine chapel), symbols (the cross), and traditions like lent, fasting, and communion all contribute in building the word’s most widespread faith.

Today’s blog will focus on outstanding and beautiful Christian decorations in the form of handmade items from etsy.com.

The first Christian home decoration is the Celtic cross. This piece is made with corian substrate and quietly delivers bold detail that is both complex and muted. This allows the cross to gather attention in the way any great religious piece does—through quiet and subtle brilliance. You can find this product and other products from its curator here.

History. Tradition. Art. In many ways Vatican City is one big work of art. Every building, walkway, structure, and memorial is calculated to maximize beauty. This next piece then, could be considered a work of art of a work of art. Using a panorama technique, this photo of St. Peter’s courtyard creates a stunning effect. At 13” x 36” its size and appeal are great. But act quickly, this piece is a limited edition and is sure to sell quickly. Find yours here.

This next piece is what happens when film and art meet. From the utterly outstanding film “The Shawshank Redemption,” this handmade piece from Jenny Moore Designs is a very accurate representation of its source material. In the film this sign hung in Warden Norton’s office, concealing his safe and ledger books. Its message “His judgment cometh and that right soon” depicts God as vengeful, jealous, and wrathful. If you are a fan of the film then this embroidered sign is a must have. It’s listing on etsy.com is here.

In part because of the prominence, beauty, and symbolism of the cross, I couldn’t resist featuring another in this blog. This particular cross uses fleur de lis styling and is inscribed with a transcript of the Lord’s Prayer. This would be a beautiful piece to add to a church, home, or personal space. The Christian religion is  rich in meaning. This wonderful symbol is a fine example of that. You can find the Fleur Lord’s Prayer Cross here.

For the final piece we have a welcome sign from Atlas Signs and Plaques. This sign, called the Proverb Welcome Plaque, is customizable to feature any verse, a multitude of colors, with your choice of raised or recessed lettering. High in style, low in excess this sign uses few “grabby” visual cues while retaining a classic shape that is sure to bring the Lord’s glory to your home. In addition to this welcome plaque, Atlas Signs and Plaques has an entire category of religous signs and church plaques that you can find here.

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