Where Do I Hang My House Numbers Address Plaque?

 Every House Has Room for House Numbers

So you just received your brand new address numbers sign from Atlas Signs and Plaques and you’re ready to show it off to the world. You eagerly review the installation directions and excitedly head outside to hang it. It’s only then that you realize—“I have no idea where to hang this sign”.

Sound familiar? Not knowing where to hang your sign is stress forming and scary—placing it in the wrong spot limits your house’s visual beauty. But Don’t worry; just follow these 6 easy tips and you will do great.

Note: There are (not so) strict building codes that your city employs. Though often unenforced, you may want to review those codes before hanging your sign.

 6 easy tips to remember when hanging your address plaque

1. Visibility
2. Symmetry
3. No on-door hanging
4. Higher than 4.5 Ft., lower than 6 Ft.
5. Hanging to the right of the door is traditional
6. Make sure you’re happy

1. Visibility. The Cardinal rule of sign hanging is to place the sign somewhere it can be seen. The whole point of a sign is to be seen and hiding it behind a tree, bush, or plant, undermines the sign’s effectiveness.
poos sign placement

In this example the sign is hidden behind a palm tree, severely limiting its visibility. Simply moving the sign to the right of the door makes it much more visible in this case.

2. Symmetry. You want your sign to “line up” with other visual cues on the façade of your house. A sign that is off-center can make the entire house look awkward and unappealing.
Notice the sign placement in this photo. The sign is placed (roughly) on level with the door-knocker and the window divider to its right. Think of this as lines on a sheet of paper. You wouldn’t start a sentence on one line and then switch to another. Signs are the same way. If there’s a visual cue near your door (doorknob, lock, doorbell, window, mailbox) line up your sign with it and benefit.

3. No on-door hanging. Avoid on-door hanging for address numbers (welcome and phrase plaques are acceptable, however).
As you can see in the photo, having numbers on the door is a big no-no because they will usually look awkward.

4. Not too low, not too high. Generally you want your sign to hang anywhere between 4.5 ft. and 5.5 ft. high. This is well within the average person’s visual plane and will allow them to naturally view the sign without craning their necks to see it.
Notice in the picture how a guest on the front porch has to look down in order to see the numbers. By placing the numbers higher, their visibility increases.

5. To the Right. Though not a “rule” in the traditional sense—most house signs are placed to the right of the door. Why that is, I do not know; all I know is most people choose to hang on the right. Remember, there are no guidelines for this–the choice is yours.

For Most, Hanging on the Right Works Great

6. Make Yourself Happy. If you aren’t pleased then you’re doing it wrong. Don’t overly concern yourself with how you think other people think it looks. That’s silly. If you’re happy with the placement then the sign is well placed.

Try Not to Overthink Things

Don’t feel the urge to completely follow these rules because every home is different. Simply following tips 1 and 6 will lead to great results. Good luck and have fun!

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