A Man’s Christmas Gift Idea (Boys too)

No Girls Allowed Plaque

No Girls Allowed

You already made a special room for the Man (or small boy)

Photo of Man Cave Sign

Define His Space

Now it is time to define the area. For men, it can look like an ordinary room (or basement) to the untrained eye. But since looks can be deceiving, an official sign is absolutely necessary to keep out those that are not privy to the 007 secrets that lie within. While poker chips, beer, a wide screen, and Macallan may not be top-secret, they do represent the essence of masculinity and should only be shared with the lads. (just to preserve the illusion that the man is the leader of the house, and has earned his “guys night”).

Boys need their private area too. But they get hungry while saving the world from tyranny or playing  Xbox, GameCube, or PlayStation. So give them their private area, but allow Mom to enter with cookies and snacks to keep up their strength.

Atlas Signs and Plaques can give you a truly custom, metal finished sign that will look good and keep out the unwanted from those masculine areas. A great Christmas Gift Idea.

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