A Rainbow of Fonts

Atlas Signs Font ChoicesAnd a plethora of font choices from Atlas Signs and Plaques

We love our fonts. The ability to use any font that has ever come out of the great typeface designers is just one of the the things that sets Atlas Signs and Plaques apart from traditional foundry-cast. Even the names are interesting, ranging from Mona Lisa, to Footlight, to Bala Cynwyd, to Eccentric, to Eaglefeather, to the ever popular and recognizable Helvetica, and many more. The great architects and designer names are here as well, Frank Lloyd Wright, Carol Twombly, Max Miedinger, Rennie Mackintosh, Frederick Goudy, Richard Neutra. and others that are not household names,  but that you see daily as you read or drive. Many of these designers have defined entire companies, eras, and even countries with their font designs. For a little more about fonts go to another of our brilliant blog posts, Do Fonts Talk?

How to choose? We have made it easy in most cases by appropriately pairing fonts with plaques that are designed to fit buildings from a specific era or style. A few examples are the use of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Eaglefeather Font on our FLW Plaque, the Broadway Font with our Art Deco Address Plaque, the period Rennie Mackintosh Font with our Stickley Plaques, the Trajan Font with a heritage dating to Roman Times on our Rockdale Station Plaque (think Atlas Shrugged), and the Arts and Crafts Font on our American Craftsman Address Plaque.

Whew! Too many examples to list, but the fonts often set the tone and define the period for your plaque. Fonts are the finishing touch, and we think, are just as important as the message. Fonts are like the language, the dialect, or the regional accent and make the end result fitting, believable, and appropriate.

The final choice is yours, so we are making most of our font library available for you to preview. Click here for your font choices. When you order or have a request for a custom plaque, use the name of the font you would like us to use. It will help us to get going in the right direction, and get you the plaque that looks the way you want it.

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